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5 things I wish I'd known before my first departure.

Today is the day Club Med Live's open stage. After applying and offering your availability on , the booking team offered you an opportunity, which you accepted: it's the start of the adventure !

Now that the creative week has been confirmed, a few questions arise. Here are 5 Tips for you, dear '1st timer' artist who, like us a short while ago, is embarking on your first creative residency.

1 - The available equipment

All the available equipment for your residency can be found on the Resort's pages in the "Technical details" section. The equipment is used throughout the season, so be sure to check with your local contact that the equipment essential to your performance works well.  

2 - Resort contacts

If you'd like to present your setlist, discuss live shows places and hours, the age of local clients, and start building a relationship with the person in charge of events in resort: his or her email address is available on the destination resort's page. Feel free to write him/her an email. He or she will naturally get in touch with you before your arrival, but don't hesitate to make the first move.

Don't forget to ask for the events manager's WhatsApp number, we know they are more responsive on that channel.

If you don't manage to get in touch before you leave, don't panic, take the time to chat together as soon as you arrive at  resort.

We'll also send you the transfer manager's email in the final email before your departure so that you can organise the last details of your trip.

3 - The ambience of my sets

Take the opportunity to talk to the resort teams to find out what they need. There are generally different atmospheres during the week (quiet, more festive, family-oriented, etc.): the aim for you will be to perform at times that suits your repertoire (for live music), or to adapt to the atmosphere if your repertoire allows.

Also, check your performance times every day with the on-site manager at the start of the day, to avoid any surprises.

4 - Activities or places to visit

When you're not performing, you're as free as a bird. You can shoot a clip, create content, write, but also visit the surrounding area and take part in activities. To find out everything there is to do, ask at reception or at the discovery desk (for explorations) and consult the Club Med app, which has a schedule of activities.

5 - Weekly outfits 

Yes, some evenings are themed: ask the events manager for more information about the different evenings. 

Feel free: if the dress code doesn't suit you, be yourself, chic and sober.

6 - How do I spread the word on my performances in resort?

Let's face it, we've been lying to you: there's a 6th tip.

When it comes to displaying visuals, names and performance schedules, there's no better person than the digital communications manager. Get together as soon as possible with the events manager and suggest that he or she display your live show times and band name on all the screens and on the application.


With all this in mind, it's bound to go down well. If you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQ, which will be able to enlighten you on many subjects.

We can't wait to hear the results.

Enjoy your creative residency!

julien mueller