What is Club Med Live ?

Based on the idea that a change of scenery is the very source of inspiration, Club Med has been loving artists and developing talent since 1950. Its music and creative programme Club Med Live (formerly Club Med Talents), conceived as an artistic residency in the most beautiful places on earth, combines travel and creation with a free spirit.

Over the seasons, Club Med Live has continued its transformation by opening up its stage to new generations and new mediums with one unchanging mission: to welcome Artists & Creatives in residence to perform live and allow them to develop their artistic projects in complete freedom.

The programme now boasts a roster of over 3,000 artists in a wide range of fields (music, visual arts, craft) and offers nearly 3,000 residencies each year in Europe, Africa, the West Indies, Mauritius and the Seychelles, with the aim of gradually opening up to other continents.

We love Artists since 1950.


Which artists are eligible for the programme?

Club Med Live is aimed at 3 main artistic areas: music, visuals, family and lifestyle:

  • Music: solo, duo, music groups (international covers), DJs, performers, etc. 
  • Visual & Family: magic, circus, dance, street-art, humour, arts & crafts, illustration
  • Lifestyle: sport (top level), speakers

Don't fit into any of these categories? We're always open to surprises!

What are the conditions ? 

Club Med will pay for the weekly stay of the artist* and the accompanying person of their choice in a designated Resort. In return, the artist can perform for 12 hours during the week according to the event schedule.

English artists nationality may no longer work at a Resort in France or in the French overseas departments and territories. They may still apply for other Resorts in other countries. More details in the "Contracts" section.

*Artists of legal age only

Where destination can i leave for ?

All requests in Europe, Africa, French overseas departments and territories and Mauritius are processed on this platform. The full list of Resorts can be consulted on the Resorts tab. You will find all the destinations open at the time of your booking request.

How do I register?

1 - Go to 

2 - Create your profile (1 profile per group) with your best photos, videos and links to your social networks. You can enter 2 disciplines.

Tips: Youtube videos are very popular with programming teams. Don't forget to include it in your registration.

3 - Finally, confirm your email address by clicking on the link in the email you'll receive.

My application has been selected! How do I apply for an artistic break?

Once you have been selected, you can submit your availability dates to the programming team on the "My Booking" tab. Here are the steps you need to follow:


  1. Submit your availability dates on the "My Booking" tab or via your profile by clicking on your name then "my profile" in the top right-hand corner.
  2. If your requests match the Resorts' requirements, we will get back to you by email to confirm your dates of stay and your team. 
  3. Once you have been confirmed by email, all you have to do is fill in your registration form as quickly as possible. You can access it easily via :

- The confirmation email you received by clicking on "fill in my booking details" (check your spam!)

- The 'View my booking' button: you can edit your form by clicking on 'edit' on the right. Once the form has been sent, it will change its status to "Validated".

    4. Share the form with the artists travelling with you by entering their email address on the "add an artist" line. They will then have 48 hours to fill in their details and those of their companions.

    5. Once you have collected all the information from all the members and accompanying persons, click on "Send my information to Club Med".

I can't find the dates I want when I make my request

We open booking requests for specific periods. If you can't find the dates you want when you make your request, it is because the booking teams haven't yet opened requests for that period. Patience will be you best friend then ! We inform you by email everytime we open new seasons so keep your eyes open.

I haven't had any feedback since I filled in my availabilities...

Our teams do their utmost to satisfy your wishes and the needs of our Resorts. Unfortunately, we can't respond to every request, but we'd like to thank you for your motivation anyway!
To maximise your chances of being booked, update your availability and artist profile frequently.

What about contracts?

Stays in France and the French overseas departments and territories are subject to a GUSO declaration, 

Please see the "contracts" section below.

I've been booked but I can't make it, what happens?

Commitments are definitive and final except for compelling reasons.


Conditions of stay

Who can I choose to come with me?

1 artist = 1 accompanying person. You are free to choose your accompanying person, who must remain the same throughout your stay and arrive/depart on the same dates as you. Accompanying persons are the artists' responsibility.

What if I have a child as well as my accompanying person ?

Depending on the resort, you may be able to stay with 1 child under the age of 6 (in summer in seaside and mountain villages and in winter in seaside villages) or under the age of 4 (in winter for skiing). Above these ages, they will be considered as additional accompanying adults. Please consult the Resorts pages to find out which rooms can accommodate children.
1 artist = 1 accompanying person, additional accompanying persons will be charged at the Resort.

If I have an accompanying person in addition to the one included?

The accompanying person is an adult: their stay must be booked on the Club Med website. 

The accompanying person is under 18: if the room can accommodate him/her in the same room as the artists, the stay can be adjusted on arrival at the Resort with an applicable reduction of 30%. It is imperative to inform Club Med Live team of that.

Is supervision available for my child on site?

Mini-Club (4-10 years): Mini-Club supervision is included, subject to availability.
Baby club (4 months-2 years) and Petit club (2-3 years): paying option between 380 and 500 euros, subject to availability.
From time to time, you may be able to call upon the services of the Resort's baby-sitters. We advise you to call the Resort reception desk to check that baby sitters are available.

What about transport and transfers?

Travel is at your own expense, so you will need to arrange your own air/train tickets. We recommend that you subscribe to cancellation insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.
You can arrange transfers (free of charge if a shuttle service is provided for guests) by contacting the resort reception directly at your destination.

How will we be accommodated?

Most of the time, rooms are for 2 people. The number of people per accommodation may vary to include children's beds. You will find all the information on the Resorts pages. Room comfort varies according to availability at the resort. 

Cleaning in CML rooms is carried out once or twice a week.

What is included on site?


  • For every stays :

1 artist = 1 accompanying adult:

- accompanying person = any person aged +4 (winter skiing) or +6 (summer/winter non-skiing)
- You can add 1 child under 4 (winter skiing) or under 6 (summer/winter non-skiing) free of charge, depending on the resort (possibility indicated on the resort pages).



All-inclusive bar* & restaurant

Car park
Supervision Mini Club** (4-10 years) and Passworld/Junior Club** (11-17 years)
SACEM rights payment for cover versions only

*Club Med does not encourage its Teams or Service Providers to consume alcohol and prohibits it during working hours. However, it is possible to drink moderately during social occasions as long as you remain in control of the situation.
**Subject to availability at the Resort

  • Skiing

Top-of-the-range ski equipment
Ski lessons for children enrolled in the Mini Club


What is not included?


  • For every stays :

Additional accompanying persons over and above the authorised number (1 artist = 1 accompanying person and 1 child under the age of 4 in winter skiing, or under the age of 6 in summer/winter non-skiing) will be payable at the Resort (catalogue price with 30% discount), subject to availability.

Transport and transfers to the Resort. 

Baby and Petit Club supervision (4 months to 4 years), payable on site subject to availability.

Additional offers and services (spa, boutique, excursions, horse-riding, golf, tennis, diving courses, etc.) must be paid for on site; no reductions are granted.

  • Skiing

Adult ski lessons €130/person/week

Ski pass 130€ /week

Insurance 5€ (loan equipment for theft, loss, breakage) /pers./week.

In Switzerland: see on site conversion into Swiss francs


If I want to go on a cruise, how do I know where the Club Med 2 boat will be?

You'll find all our cruise itineraries: winter in the Caribbean and summer in the Mediterranean here

All you have to do is add the cruises you're interested in to your booking availability comments.

My pre-departure checklist

Before you leave, don't forget to pack :
- Your identity papers
- Your outfit according to the dress codes (which you can find on the Club Med app)
- Your best Artistic Crews outfit you'll find on our online Shop !



What kind of performance will be expected?

As an ambassador of Club Med Live, we'll be expecting you to put on the superb performances that you've agreed with the events manager. This represents more or less 2 hours of varied performances per day for adults and/or families, such as concerts, small musical happenings, fun sessions, etc. (excluding arrival/departure days).
The contact details for the on-site events manager are available on the Resort information sheets. We strongly advise you to contact them 15/7 days in advance to plan your repertoire, backline and arrival times....

How can I get in touch with a local contact (event manager) to plan my performance?

You will find the contact details of the events manager in the destination resort's information sheet and in the final confirmation email you'll receive few weeks before leaving. We recommend that you get in touch with them in advance of your departure to make sure that your services and schedule are in line.

What about the backline/equipment?

Backlines are available on site. However, each Resort has its own specificities, so you can consult all the backlines on the Resorts pages. We will systematically ask you to bring your own guitars and basses.

In the case of workshops, you will be responsible for the raw materials used.

How can I showcase my performance on site?

In order to offer the best possible service, we suggest that you :
- Get in touch with the events manager beforehand (contact details on the Resorts page).
- When you arrive, be proactive in suggesting venues, times and settings for your performances (terrace, gourmet lounge, acoustic breakfast, etc.) - we always value originality!
- Talk to the sound and lighting engineers
- Pay attention to what you're wearing, be yourself and stay modern and classy.

How can I showcase my performance on social networks?

As Club Med's artistic ambassadors, we invite you and your accompanying person to take care of the quality of the content shared on your social networks during your stay: be neat, elegant, and avoid holiday club clichés (inappropriate language, alcohol, nudity...).

I play mainly cover songs but and I also play my own compositions, is that possible?

Of course, we would be delighted to hear your compositions at the Resort if you feel that the audience is receptive.

In your final feedback (link in the email uou will receive at the end of your stay), you can declare the personal compositions you have played so that we can declare them to Sacem at the end of the year.



I'm going to France or the French overseas departments and territories

To travel to our Resorts in France and the French overseas departments and territories, you must have a European passport/one, a valid residence permit (both sides must be sent to us) and an active French social security number.

Artists with a European passport can and must have a GUSO number as well as a social security number. Artists of English nationality can no longer work in our Resorts in France and the French overseas departments and territories.

NB: Illustrating artists are not subject to the GUSO scheme and can only be hired with an active French social security number. 

All artists will sign a fixed-term employment contract at the Resort (variable between 1 and 3 weeks) on the basis of :
- 12 hours' work per week, averaging 2 hours per day (excluding arrival/departure days)
- Remuneration calculated on the basis of a monthly minimum wage (reference salary: €1771.12 over 2021)
- Meals and accommodation are invoiced by deduction from salary.

The gross monthly salary is €564.20, so for 12 hours of work it will be €130.2 (€10.85 x 12 hours). After deduction of the accommodation and meals contribution of €73.09 + €257.40, the net salary paid for a week varies according to your category. The contract must be signed individually by all artists within a maximum of 48 hours of arrival at the Resort (report to the HR Department).

For non-French nationals wishing to obtain a GUSO number and a social security number, please follow the procedure below. 

  • If you do not have a GUSO number and national insurance number (Belgian, Swiss, Italian, etc.). 

Contact the GUSO at with your details: surname, first name, postal and e-mail addresses, date of birth, nationality and a copy of your identity document. Within 48 hours, you will receive a 10-digit GUSO number and a "technical" social security number. 


  • You have a national insurance number but no GUSO number: 

Contact the GUSO at with your contact details: surname, first name, postal and e-mail addresses, date of birth, nationality and a copy of your ID. You will receive a 10-digit GUSO number within 48 hours.

  • You already have a GUSO number but no national insurance number:

please complete this document to open up your rights: and ask the CPAM to confirm the delivery address.

I'm going outside France and the French overseas departments and territories

Your confirmation of enrolment constitutes a binding contract.

What is the Workday process?

- Log in using the link you received by e-mail before or during your stay
- Choose a password. Confirm it and press "reset password".
- Go to and use your email address and the password you created previously
- Check and/or update your details (postal and email address, telephone number, etc.)
- Add your bank details
- Add your civil details (French nationality: social security number / Other nationality: passport, identity card, birth certificate, in PDF)

GUSO number: it is essential that the GUSO number is entered under "Other national identifiers".

First connection: 

French bank details: Artist profile > Actions > Personal details > update employee payment options
Non-French RIB: Artist profile > Actions > Personal data > Update advanced payment options > Correct country and currency, and repeat previous step

Add my social security number:

Artists of French nationality :

Go to Personal data > Identifiers > Add or Modify > Indicate your country, select "Social security number" or "National identification number" (depending on your nationality), and enter your number.

Artists of other nationalities :

Go to Personal Data > Documents > Add > Insert photocopies of both sides of your national identity card / passport and a multilingual birth certificate.

What does a Club Med Live contract involve if I'm unemployed?

In the case of departure from France and DROM-COM :

Pôle Emploi takes into account the hours worked under this employment contract when calculating the benefits paid*.
The time during which the artistic services are performed is not considered as a fee, but as working hours which must be declared as such.
The 12 hours paid into the system are included in the total number of hours examined by the Pôle Emploi to determine the entitlement of the person concerned (in particular for the 507-hour condition).
You will be registered with GUSO** (if you do not yet have a GUSO number, please create one at

I am a casual worker (Intermittent):

This occasional and reduced activity will have no impact on unemployment benefit.
The 12 hours contributed (for 1 week worked) will be included in the total number of hours examined by ASSEDIC to determine the entitlements available to the person concerned.

I am subject to the general scheme:

In France, it is possible to combine this very reduced activity with retirement pensions without any consequences. For other countries, check with the relevant pension organisations.

I am retired: 

Combining this very reduced activity with retirement pensions has no impact on the amount of the latter. For other countries, please contact the relevant pension organisations.

I can't find the answer to my question?

We are available to help you at