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The Club Med Live program (fka Club Med Talents) got a makeover by signing a brand new identity celebrated during the Summer Mountain Festival in the mountains this summer. A first opein air edition between mountains and valleys after of a series by the sea in Greece and in Portugal


A festival and a live and creative residency between Artists 

The concept is simple: amplify the Club Med all-inclusive artistic residency experience by combining live open stage, rehearsal studio, sharing moments between Artists, Creatives and Professionals and activities. The line-up was also carelly designed, inviting artists already members of the program and newcomers discovered during the year. 

Alexandre Sauty De Chalon, Aliose, Axelle Fernandez, Bart Lanzini & Josie Belloeil, Bomel, Caroline Arditti, Charlie Faron, Coeur Fou, EMPRS, France Mermet, Figurative Records, Guillaume Huret, Holissence, Ismatricule, Matild, Palomina, Rando Fragile, Rose Tickets, Sasha Dansant, Tonique & Man


Open air program with feet in the grass: gigs, DJ sets, creative experiences & well-being, sports sessions (yoga, cycling, hiking) & talks.  

A shared experience with the complicity of media & partners –  Radio Nova , GrooverSacem PlusTraverses by My Little ParisGoodmoodsJanis and Omart 

"I did not expect to spend so much time with other musicians, share our experiences and live unique creative adventures, I loved it so much! Sometimes they are people I wouldn't know otherwise. 

Thank you for this first Club Med Live opportunity, we loved it and spent a lot of time rehearsing! It really made us want to go back to other Club Med Resorts around the world. 

I would remember our discussions during the hikes, our improvised songs at the top, our concerts, our dinners, our workshops… I want to go back. 

Thank you, you cast the artists too well, we were such a great team." 


A new identity created with the Artists 

Because the artistic direction of Club Med Live has evolved over the past few years, we wanted to give new branding fitting this value proposition offered to artists and creatives. Designed as a “label” name, this new identity is in line with the new lifestyle codes of Club Med brand and integrates the artistic dimension that is literally part of the brand DNA. 

It was imagined with the complicity of our artists and our partners so that it is simple, lively and understandable from all countries. Thus, Club Med continues to register as a residency for live, creative and all-inclusive artists in the most beautiful places in the world to develop inspiration and project. 


Club Med Loves Artists since 1950.

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