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Combining arts & crafts and families is the challenge we've entrusted Seize Paris for her creative residencies.

Around DIY workshops parents and their children talk with more ease. Spending time working with their hands around personal creations offers families a break, a unique moment of sharing.

Several workshops have been set up by the Parisian artist and her colleagues: handmade pearl bracelets, embroidery on T-shirts and personalized GM bracelets.

These workshops, which know no frontiers, perfectly fits our various Resorts, from the middle of the Palmeraie of Marrakech on traditional carpets and armchairs, to the vast lawns of southern Spain in Marbella.

For Seize, these weeks on artistic holidays also represent an opportunity to entertain her community. Throughout the week, the artist was able to share her experience on her Instagram page.

What a pleasure for every participant to create their own memories, and for Seize "to practice our passion, that of creating and weaving links in a magical place".

Everyone gets involved, including the GOs!

Have you thought about trying the experience? Apply now in your artist space at, explaining the concept you'd like to develop in Resort!

To find out more, read our article "5 creative activities to clear your head" in Le Magazine.

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