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Lisa Camille, delicious melodies on top of the Alpes

This winter, Lisa Camille shared her personal universe with the GMs of Tignes, making hearts tumble and ears quiver.

A creative and productive holiday for the artist: this week in Tignes saw the birth of a collaboration between Lisa and the Resort's photographer to produce luminous pictures that perfectly illustrate Club Med Live’s experience!

And it's not a first for Lisa Camille.

Club Med 2, Serre Chevalier, Tignes, Marrakech, all Resorts are keen on her wide repertoire of covers punctuated by some original creations.

For few years now, the young artist has been enjoying these inspirational breaks on the beach or in the mountains. Her inspiration flows toward songwriting and arrangements, but also toward images, video clips, and photo shoots. What better way to entertain her community of followers than these short covers of international pop songs filmed in the magnificent spaces of our Resorts?

Without hesitation, during the day Lisa grabs her guitar and microphone and heads off to find places where the vibrations of her voice and instrument can be heard.

Would you like to hear Parcels on our Marrakech Rooftop? We'd love to !

lisa camille chanteuse à tignes