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Club Med organised the first edition of its Podcast Club at the La Rosière and Les Arcs Panorama Resorts during the winter of 2024. Alongside renowned podcasters  Génération DIY (Mathieu Stefani), Bliss Stories (Clémentine Galey), Beau voyage (Marie-Faure Ambroise), Décodeur (Hortense Leluc), Extraterrien (Barthemy Fendt) & A poele (Julie Gerbet), Club Med Live played the music and culture card by inviting Jean Fromageau for the podcast Jazz the two of us. By recreating an audio recording studio in an Exclusive Collection suite, each podcaster was able to record an episode produced by Orso Media, l'Esprit Libre, live from Club Med.


An immersive medium conducive to art

Jazz the two of us is the podcast that every Saturday morning, live on Tsugi Radio, retraces a guest's jazz playlist for a quiet hour. The show is presented by Jean Fromageau, who ‘does lots of things in the music business’: editorial design for So Press - Tsugi Radio and Spotify France, production for the La Douve Blanche festival, journalism and curation on Groover, and he's also an inveterate DJ at our favourite venues like Le Mazette and the label's Pop Up. After welcoming guests who have also been part of our programming, such as Flore Benguigui, Yuksek and Ehla, we invited 3 artists and creative guests to share their jazz playlist in an all-inclusive, raclette and spring skiing version of an ad-hoc recording studio


Four guests with varied artistic aesthetics

+ Josselin BORDAT, writer, scriptwriter and producer @ canal+, after co-founding and hosting the webzine Brain, he became a writer and director for comedians such as Pablo Mira, Alex Ramires, Thomas VDB and Monsieur Poulpe. In 2023, he wrote and produced the audio drama ZONE 51 with Laura Felpin, Jerome Niel and Lison Daniel. For the past two years he has been co-author of Lison Daniel's appearance on Inter's 7-10 radio programme, and is currently writing the script for Thomas VDB's summer game show ‘Qui veut gagner la flûte à bec’ (Who wants to win the recorder?).

Discover the podcast here


+ Ambre LARRAZET is an actress, scriptwriter and director. She cut her teeth at Burger Quiz and Canal+'s Bureau des Auteurs. Passionate about comedy, she writes, performs and often watches comedy far too late at night. Her credits include fiction podcasts, short films, stand-up, 2 seasons of a short series (Damoiselle, diff. TV5MondePlus), and she is currently writing several projects.

She will soon be appearing in Broute version longue (Canal+) and Trash on Amazon Prime.

Learn more about here story here


+ Tonique & Man (in other words, the live duo made up of Jean Tonique & Mi Man) have been working together behind the stove and behind the console since 2022. A duo in the shape of a small company, a business plan and a lifestyle tinged with red and white, bringing together their shared passion for the disco of the Bee Gees, the TB-303 and the nonchalance of Benny Sings. Imbued with a certain 70s nostalgia, their music also features luminous orchestrations and more electronic textures. Influences merge and abound as orders are placed on 0780-940-420, seasoned with their own special sauce. The duo have had two artistic residencies with Club Med Live, the first of which we recounted here and the second at the festival we organised in 2023. We also booked them for a date at our Paris offices to officially launch the new Club Med Live branding with our colleagues:



+ Caroline Arditti

Caroline, a fully-fledged member of the programme, was also on hand to host the week's kick-off and introduce members to the collective in other ways, such as taking Juliette, Clémentine and Adèle skiing in their bathrobes. Offering related mediation opportunities - to our live & creative all-inclusive residencies - to our members is a strong desire that we strive to amplify as much as possible to continue to forge lasting links with our community.

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