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The Club Med resorts in the Alps and in the tropics are preparing to bow out for a well-deserved break before the summer. It's time for us to look back at the incredible Live & Creative All Inclusive residency season we've just enjoyed with the artists on the program. One figure shines through: 97% of the artists would like to repeat their experience following their departure this winter ☀️


Happy live artists and creatives all season long

With the Resorts opening before the festive season, the winter artistic season got off to a great start! Experienced cover bands took to the stage to perform on a variety of unusual stages, in front of a multicultural audience keen to make new discoveries and enjoy a good time together. From duos to quintets like Rose Tickets, the varied line-ups gave the GMs an unforgettable energy.

The GMs said it even better than we did…"The band playing on the night was excellent. Talented musicians and a singer with an exceptional voice" (source - Trip Advisor)

Throughout the season, the Resorts welcomed talented artists every week, on stage or off, taking care to offer a joyful mix of covers and original creations.

Each venue was able to respond to a variety of moods.

On the one hand, there was the family atmosphere, with more and more collaborations with visual artists. We were particularly lucky to see illustrators Antoine CorbineauCeline DumartinAndrea MongenieLazipolitaInkie and Guillaume & Laurie offering participatory workshops.

There were also festive moments with outstanding cover bands such as  DevelourLate On MondayDustBlack MarketReversBoparleurPop FictionRed Pop Chilly Bossa. Finally, GMs discovered a selection of DJs ready to share their latest discoveries, including Basile de SuresnesMaxyeGuilhem FenieysCœur Fou or Holseek

Inspiring Residencies

From December to April, the artists in residence made the most of their free-spirited week to get inspired, write, slow down and create lots of content for their communities.

Would you like a tour? 

We saw some splendid live performances by Rose Tickets on top of the Alpes, Red Pop Chili Bossa next to the beach of la Caravelle, and Cover au Balcon in Peisey Vallandry

Thousands of colors has been spread with Lazipolita on one of our a beach bars, Céline Dumartin in Pragelato, Guillaume et Laurie in Marrakech , Antoine Corbineau his workshops in the Arcs, or Andrea Mongenie in Mauritius

And places of inspiration thanks to Maxye composing under the palm trees or Lisa Camille righting next to the ski slopes. 


Artists announced at the Resort

To raise the awareness on your projects and improve their visibility with GMs, the Resorts' communication managers now create visuals to announce you on the Resort's screens. The many positive responses and the fact that these visual announcements have been shared on social networks have shown that these announcements have a real impact.

Tips - Remember to update your profile on before your next departure so that the communication managers have the right information to give.


The program is open all year round

With a big smile on our faces and all those great artist stories this winter, we're embarking on the next programming season with new challenges to meet as best we can the needs of creative people and GMs.

It's your turn to apply for programming

Photos : Julien Pierson - Samanify - Pop Fiction - Lisa Camille - Familly Dinner - Chilling Time - Rose Tickets - Equilibre