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Tonique & Man, French Touch under the palm trees of La Caravelle.

Ambassadors of fresh electro “à la française”, Jean Tonique & Man had fun rocking the beach of our Guadeloupean Resort in La Caravelle. 🌴

The All-inclusive Club Med Live residency has become a solid way for this freshly formed duo to hone their new set, verify its coherence and effectiveness on an open stage for an international audience and at varied times.

With lemongrass on their lips, the songs went on at the same pace as the sun set. Luckily, we had enough time to take a few pictures of this unforgettable moment to share with the artist’s community.

Would you like another glass of inspiration?

We'd love another one, because we love stories that have second episodes and are woven together over time. So, we've invited the duo to get together with other artists of the same French Touch calibre, with an international repertoire and a solar energy, on the open stage of the Summer Mountain Festival in our Resort of Grand Massif at the beginning of June.

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